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Our baby is home! Now what?

By Shellie O'Toole posted 09-25-2016 13:39


Our baby is home!  Now what?

When our first baby, Connor was born, we were filled with excitement and thankfulness. We were also very scared and nervous.  Reality set in when we carted him out of OSU hospital and into our Subaru wagon, gingerly placing him in the not-infant-sized car seat.  We felt we had already failed.  His little peanut head could barely see over the car seat bar.  He screamed all the way home.

CONNECT is the ORA’s newborn. The pregnancy was not without complications: skeptics, operational and resource challenges.  But, thanks to the delivery team; namely John Barker (understanding the value of this member benefit), along with Cara Lisenby, the operations wizard behind the curtain, we have a healthy baby with loads of potential and a bright future!

Unlike baby Connor, I’m not as nervous and scared.  The only thing CONNECT requires for it to grow, mature and become an invaluable resource to the Ohio foodservice community is YOU! 

CONNECT is not a staff-driven resource.  We need owners, operators, managers and emerging leaders to use it.  Ask questions. Post resources.  Share your successes and challenges.  It takes a village to raise a baby.  It takes a village to foster the success and growth of the Ohio foodservice industry.

You may be wondering about baby Connor.  He’s our 24-year-old aspiring food truck owner.  “Toast of the Town” is his baby.  Stay tuned!


Chef Connor