Make America "Ours" Again

By Belle Restaurant Group, Inc. posted 09-24-2016 07:56


We are fast approaching the 2016 election date.  It is imperative that we exercise our right to vote.  

  • Get informed.
  • Understand the issues.
  • Realize what is at stake.
  • VOTE!



10-14-2016 08:21

Paul - Totally agree. Although Americans are disappointed with our 2 presidential candidates (very low trust and confidence levels per national polling), we need to support others on the ballot who love the USA, support economic growth, support businesses who create jobs and careers, and focus on limiting the over-reach by government. Thanks for your SUPER support of the restaurant industry 

09-25-2016 11:51

Right on, Paul! 

Ohio makes it easy for our industry (with non-traditional work schedules) to vote. Please share this Absentee Voting link with your staff.  They have until 11/5 to request an absentee ballot:

09-24-2016 10:40

Agreed! The only way to show your voice is to simply vote.